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5 Ways to Wow: Be Confident

We want our children to leave by being able to:

  • Navigate our outdoor environment independently. 
  • Make meaningful marks and write their name
  • Recognise,count and combine groups of up to 5 objects
  • Make mistakes and learn from these

How will we know children can do this?

  • Use outdoor equipment and environment safely, on their own.
  • Use a  range of media to make marks and articulate the meaning of the marks.
  • Write their first name with a capital letter, and lowercase letters, with an effective pencil grip and correct formation.
  • Recognise numerals 0-5, count and combine groups of objects and subitise throughout the daily routine.
  • Articulate disappointment in an appropriate way.
  • Suggest improvements to their outcomes.

How can parents and carers help?

Point out meaningful print and numbers to children such as familiar road signs, supermarket, character and television logos, number on your front door, numerals on birthday cards.

Understand that children need to develop their large muscles, such as those in their core, arms and hands, before they can manipulate a pen or pencil with control.

Investigate  small amounts of objects together,  to support an understanding of what 3 or 5 actually means and looks like.

Model making mistakes, and how to solve them ie ‘Oh no, I’ve knocked over the milk. Nevermind, lets get a cloth and wipe it up.’