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Our 5 Ways to Wow! Curriculum

Kingswood Nursery School is a unique and special place with a wonderful community spirit; our ambitious curriculum is organised to ensure that ALL the children at Kingswood aim high, enabling them to be confident and capable learners in the next phase of their education, and conscientious citizens of the future. Key learning experiences are delivered within a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, where diversity is celebrated, and mutual respect fostered. The wellbeing of the children is at the heart of the school; ensuring that both their emotional and learning needs, are met.

Working together with parents, carers and professionals has a positive impact on children’s development and learning. We strive to nurture positive relationships, working collaboratively to achieve the very best outcomes for children.

By the time they leave all children will possess 5 Ways to Wow!

They will be able to:

  • Converse
  • Care
  • Make Connections
  • Be Creative
  • Be Confident

Children at Kingswood are immersed in planned and spontaneous first hand learning opportunities throughout the day, supported by knowledgeable, experienced and sensitive adults. These experiences take place in well organised environments, with access to a range of open ended resources which promote problem solving, develop language and facilitate collaborative and independent skills. The daily routine is organised to provide a balance of child initiated and adult initiated play, and includes daily stories and rhymes.

A variety of outdoor spaces enable children to practice and refine both investigative and physical skills, take risks and extend their knowledge of living things. This is enhanced by regular visits to our allotment, and seasonal walks in the local environment, where children observe changes over time and become familiar with their local community.

Our daily practice is supplemented by events, visitors and celebrations across the year, designed to broaden children’s understanding of the world, and to foster individual fascinations.

The 5 Ways to Wow curriculum is unique to Kingswood, based upon children acquiring skills over time, developing their understanding and deepening their knowledge. This is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage, so that children leave well placed to achieve the Early Learning Goals at the end of their Reception School Year. 

Significant observations of children are recorded by children’s key persons, supplemented by the knowledge of the wider team of practitioners, and input from parents and carers. Floorbooks are used to record children’s ideas, celebrate achievements, and reflect upon previous learning. Assessment points over the year enable key persons to ascertain if children are on track to achieve the key objectives within our curriculum.  

Impact of Our Curriculum

The delivery of our curriculum means that children leave Kingswood as confident, curious conversationalists, able to pose questions and explore their ideas. Children have a positive identity and sense of self, and therefore are well placed to take on new learning. Children access the environment independently, and safely, demonstrating kindness and resolving conflict; skills which will be utilised throughout their life.

As a result of practitioners’ knowledge of individual children’s starting points, and a commitment to inclusion, the gap between disadvantaged groups and their peers narrows. Children are well placed to start their Reception school year, ready to embrace the next stage in their education.