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Key Person

The Key Person Approach is used to support children and families settle into the routine, and participate fully in school life.

The Key Person will :

  • Be a named qualified member of staff
  • Meet with you before your child starts school
  • Provide consistency in care and learning for your child
  • Provide a link between your child, your family and our school
  • Be the first person you can talk to with any  questions or concerns
  • Nurture a positive relationship with your child
  • Celebrate your child’s achievements
  • Regularly have contact with you either face to face, online, or via the phone
  • Plan appropriate next steps in learning for your child, based upon their fascinations
  • Update your child’s recorded  learning journey
  • Share knowledge of individual children with the wider team, enabling all adults to support your child
  • Be supported by assistants within school

The past few years have had a noticeable effect on our families when it comes to children separating, and being away from the family home. The key person offers reassurance and supports your child to form new attachments, in a nurturing way.

Each Key Person is responsible for a small group of children. There are opportunities to spend time together in these small groups throughout the day.