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What is Tapestry?

Tapestry is the original and leading Childhood Education Platform for nurseries, childminders and schools.

Every day, about 15,000 educational settings use our software to nurture partnerships with families, support the development and learning of the children in their care, and manage their occupancy, attendance and finances.

What does Tapestry do with the data added to accounts?

Only what the schools, nurseries, and childminders who buy the Tapestry packages tell it to!

They decide what the data is used for, who gets access to it, and when it is deleted.

The data is not sold or shared with companies other than the sub processors used to help provide the Tapestry system.

Data added to Tapestry accounts is stored on servers based in the UK and the EU. It is supported by staff who are all based in the UK.

How is the data added to Tapestry accounts kept secure?

Data security is Tapestry’s highest priority. There are many things that go into this on the Tapestry end; from encrypting the data, partitioning the network, and having annual penetration tests to running DBS checks on all employees.

Tapestry also encourages the schools, nurseries, and childminders who take out the subscriptions to keep everything as secure as possible. That includes strong passwords and different status levels of users to ensure that only the people who need to access different types of data can.

Will other parents see pictures of my child?

This is entirely up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable with other parents seeing pictures of your child, you can let the setting/school know, and they’ll make sure your child’s face is not shown in any photos other parents might have access to.

Can I contribute to my child’s journal?


You can upload your own observations to share with the setting or school the learning that has been happening at home (or anywhere else!).

You can also comment on the observations uploaded by the setting/school, and “like” these too.

Can I see all my children’s journals in the same account?

Each Tapestry account has its own separate database for security reasons.

If your children are all set up in the same setting/school, then you’ll be able to see their journals in your Tapestry account.

However, if your children attend different settings/schools, or have been set up in different accounts, then you’ll need to have a separate login for each account, and access them separately.

You can use the same email address and password for all your profiles, though, so you can simply choose which account to log in to once you’ve input your details.

Help and Tutorials:

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