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Inclusion within Early Years

Recently, there have been prominent national conversations concerning history, identity, and the disadvantage people from ethnic minority communities have experienced.

At Kingswood we wish to join many others in affirming our commitment to inclusion within the early years, where children learn empathy and values which will help build a fairer and more just country.

We recognise that, as with every part of society, the early years community must continually improve so that we may always effectively address the hateful harm of racial prejudice. All children, families and practitioners in the early years must feel equally safe, appreciated, and respected. Everyone has a role in ensuring that all voices are heard and esteemed, that unjust discriminatory language and behaviours are challenged, and that diversity in all its forms is embraced.

We thought it important in this context to re-emphasise the work we do to make sure that children of all backgrounds and abilities are included and supported, and their cultures celebrated.

All of this is in accordance with our core value of Respect – that everybody is valued, listened to, understood, and treats others as they themselves want to be treated. We are committed to thinking further and learning more about how we can better ensure that these principles are put into practice, so that every child is cherished and enabled to flourish.