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5 Ways to Wow: Care


We want our children to leave by being able to:

  • Use social pleasantries when interacting with peers, and familiar adults.
  • Provide basic care for plants and animals.
  • Independently support their own fundamental health needs.
  • Embrace difference, and resolve conflict.

 How will we know children can do this?

  • Display manners throughout the routine, including greetings, please and thank you, taking turns, mealtime code of conduct.
  • Participate in care routines for plants and creatures at school, at allotment, at home and during visits. 
  • Use a range of strategies in order to self regulate.
  • Play and learn with others effectively.
  • Talk about a balanced diet, toothbrushing, physical activity, and sleep in their daily routine.
  • Feed and toilet themselves independently.
  • Begin to understand and use the language of consent. 
  • Know some strategies to access technology safely.
  • Participate in a range of events with their peers.

How can parents and carers help?

  • Work with you child’s key person to ensure consistency in toilet training
  • All children need fresh air, exercise and a way of letting off steam! Try to provide opportunities for your child to run, jump, hop, roll, throw, hit, balance, lift, carry.
  • Visit playgrounds and make use of the apparatus regularly and watch them gain in confidence and control.
  • Try to walk to places, rather than always using the car or pushchair.
  • Try to let your child experiment and discover for themselves and then make suggestions and assist them.
  • Allow your child to undress and then dress themselves. Teach them how to put on their coat and velcro shoes.
  • Allow your child to make their own sandwich, help you prepare the dinner, set the table.
  • Talk about benefits of healthy foods whilst out shopping and at mealtimes.

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