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5 Ways to Wow: I make connections.

I can make links in my learning to deepen my understanding of the world.

We want our children to leave by being able to:

  • Engage in structured learning, that is not of their choosing.
  • Notice and compare quantities, size, weight and capacity in their play.
  • Uses ways to measure in their play e.g. how many children will fit in a cardboard box.
  • Know that there are up to 5 objects in a group without counting (subitise).
  • Continue and copy a pattern. 
  • Remember and recall detailed information and previous learning.

How will we know children can do this?

  • Talk about their observations in both made and natural environments.
  • Independently access resources and literature to develop a greater understanding of their new learning.
  • Communicate these interests at school and home.

How can parents and carers help?

  • Read, and look at non-fiction books together.
  • Point out features in the world around them i.e. seasonal changes, local building works, tiny plants growing in cracks in the wall, sorting the recycling.
  • Talk about past events ‘Do you remember when…?’ Photos can support this!
  • Find different ways to achieve the same outcome i.e. building a tower, cutting a sandwich into 4 in different ways.
  • Incorporate counting into your daily routine, number of stairs in the the house, numbers on your front door etc.
  • Play games with a dice such as simple board games, actions according to number rolled, list of things to talk about.