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Parents’ Feedback

“It’s been a wonderful experience for my child and I really have not found an area that needs improvement. The teachers and staff have been wonderful, supportive and caring and I could not ask for more.”

“Your staff are exceptional!”

“All the staff at Kingswood are so caring about their pupils – I’m so impressed with the nursery as a whole. They do a lot of fun and educational activities with the children, and I think their use of Tapestry is a great tool to see how your child is getting on, and also share with them activities from home.”

“My child feels safe and happy at nursery and has made a lot of friends.”

“We have both loved Kingswood and been so well supported-we have also had additional advice to get referral help.”

“Good experience overall, I have been recommending Kingswood to all family and friends and will send my next child there too.”

“Overall it’s been nothing short of fantastic, can’t recommend it enough. The staff, the facilities, activities etc for the children have been amazing.”